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A frequented area of Rapoltu Mare in Hunedoara county, there's a 0.6 hectare, route separated plot with an old, semi-finished, but noted castle.The building has built in the 18th century. Originally the property stood up from a main building, a chapel, a mill, and a hill with a cellar (tuff cave), which has historical carvings on it's walls beside the entrance.


There's a 111 square outbilding (the mall), and the real rarity of the property is the tuff carved cave with a hundred meter inside length. It has a "T" shape within the cave, and it's appropriate to establish a wine cellar, or something with a real authentic feeling.

Tervrajz és képek

The castle is made of stone and brick, but finally it has been never finished completely. The tuff cave has made in the 18th century and the climate is quasi permanent all year. Because of it's diameter, it's appropriate for catering business. There's a small hill over the cave with some mediterranean pine's and with a good panorama to the landscape. The other speciality of the plot, is the huge gate over the road made from stone in the front of the estate.

The Daniel land is one of the most famous sights of the surroundings. Among others, the romanian Wikipedia published a page for the Daniel land:

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